Monday, March 31, 2014

"Bloody March" on Titania! The conflict in the Station 42 region heats up.

Titania Militia units and their allies the Wolfhound Freikorps attack Boon's Outpost defended by Hell Knight mercenaries
 March 3033 Titania, Titania City region:  The Month of March has seen the bloodiest fighting so far in the conflict on Titania that has come to be known as the Station 42 War.  Various properties around a spaceport known as Station 42, 10 kilometers south of Titania City, have been contested by the Hell Knight Mercenary company working for Smith and Wilson Agriculture and a local insurgency of property owners.  
On March 2nd the Hell Knights mercenary company defeated a large force of renegade Titania Planetary Guard at the Battle of Rattrap Road.  During that battle the mercenaries managed to capture General Drake the leader of the renegade Titanians.
March 8th saw another battle between Martian forces stationed on Titania with allied militia  and the Hell Knights at Bunker 1138 where the mercenaries were routed by the pro Titania force.
On March 19th the Wolfhound Friekorps and Titania militia pressed their attack against the Hell Knights at Boon's Outpost in a large scale engagement.  Both sides fielded around a platoon of men as well as several armored units and mecha.
Wolfhound Jager troopers hold a rocky outcropping in the middle of the outpost.  The bodies of the Hell Knights armored assault squad can be seen behind a sandbag wall.  The veteran squad was wiped out to the man in the fighting.
 Casualties mounted quickly in the intense battle.  The Hell Knights used their hover tanks to easily avoid terrain and although they pressed the pro Titania forces the Wolfhounds and militia units held their ground.

A Wolfhound APC is destroyed by a "Laird" heavy hover tank.
 The Wolfhounds fielded two "Liger" super heavy tanks of Jovian design as well as a tracked armored personnel carrier.  The Hell Knights poured fire into the Wolfhound armored units who proved very difficult to take out.
The final Wolfhound Liger faces a barrage of fire before being destroyed.
 Both sides took heavy casualties during the battle and lost several armored units worth millions of credits.  The Hell Knights lost an Incubus light mech as well as a Landshark AFV and at least one LAGAREV transport along with most of their infantry forces.  The Wolfhounds lost both Liger super heavy tanks and their APC.  At the end of the fighting the Hell Knights withdrew and the pro Titania forces secured the outpost pushing deeper into Hell Knight territory.
Martian and Hell Knight patrols engage each other just a few kilometers east of the Hell Knight base.
 March 22nd saw an engagement between M.S.S.R. forces and the Hell Knights just a few kilometers east of the Hell Knights base which lies west of Station 42.  Both forces were small consisting of a few infantry units and battlesuits.  The Hell Knights also had a light and medium hover tank in their force.

Martian battlesuits engage a Hell Knight "Douglas" medium hover tank tat point blank range.
 Most of the fighting took place between the more heavily armored units.  Infantry forces stayed at range and engaged enemy armored units rather than each other.

A Martian battlesuit scores several casualties against a unit of Hell Knight scouts.
 Although slower than the Hell Knight tanks the deadly Martian battlesuits nearly wiped out all of the Hell Knight infantry.
Hell Knight scouts and a mercenary Battlesuit destroy a Martian battlesuit.
 Although the Martians lost a couple of their battlesuits and a few Infantry the Hell Knights took even heavier casualties and were forced to withdraw towards their base.

A Wolfhound APC advanced into the crossroads at Rattrap Junction.
 March 30th saw two skirmished in the conflict.  Wolfhound Freikorps and Boon's Irregulars Titania militia attacked Rattrap Junction.  The Hell Knights rushed a light force to the Junction to engage them consisting mostly of a couple of scout units and some light vehicles.
The Wolfhound APC is destroyed by combined fire from a LAGAREV and Captian Grant Martian in his Marksman battlesuit.
 Although the Wolfhounds lost their APC early in the fighting they continued to fight with the aid of the militia killing a mercenary sniper and a unit of scouts early on.

Boon's Militia destroy a Hell Knight light transport.
 The pro Titania forces took out the Hell Knights light transports fairly easily with small arms fire but the mercenary battlesuit proved more difficult.

Carson Boon the Leader of Boon's militia is wounded by Hell Knight Scouts.
 Both sides took several casualties.  Carson Boon was severely wounded in the fighting and it is believed that Captain Grant Martin was killed when he battlesuit was destroyed by Wofhoud Veterans.  Again the Hell Knights withdrew from the field leaving the station in the hands of the pro Titania forces.  The Wolfhounds seem to have proven quite effective against the Hell Knight forces.

Renegade supplies burn as the Hell Knights advance.
 Another engagement on the 30th saw a Hell Knight raid against a renegade Titania Planetary Guard supply depo.  The Hell knights seemed to be intent to destroy the renegade's supplies after defeating the earlier in the month.  The supply depo was located just two kilometers north of the Old Mining Town.

A mercenary Landshark AFV destroys supplies and troopers at close quarters.
 With the capture of their leader General Drake earlier in the month the renegade Titania Planetary Guard have not attempted to engage the mercenary forces.

Two Hell Knight veterans are killed by a high explosive missile.
 The Hell Knights suffered only two infantry casualties and the loss of a LAGAREV light transport while destroying at least half the Titania supplies.

Soundly defeated the pro Titania forces withdraw.
The renegade Guard units lost 14 members and a sniper to the deadly shooting of the mercenary veteran units.  The pro Titania units were forced to flee and abandon their remaining supplies.  Although they have proven effective against the Hell Knights throughout the conflict the renegade Titania Planetary Guard force seems to be at a loss without their leader.

Earlier in the Year it we believed that the conflict on Titania was drawing to a close but after the bloody month of March 3033 it seems as it the conflict has indeed escalated with the involvement of the Martian garrison and Wofhound Freikorps.  We will continue to keep you updated on this conflict as details unfold.

This has been Benjamin Woodsworth for the System News Network.