Monday, April 14, 2014

Notorious hacker "Starfire" escapes the Titania War Zone!

This images is believed to be the hacker known as "Starfire".  Under the name Lindsey Morgan she allegedly modeled for the famous design company "Alejandro of Titan".  No one knows her true identity.
April 13th 3033, Titania:  The notorious hacker known as "Starfire" has escaped from the war zone on Titania with the aide of the Titania militia and a team of unknown agents believed to be smugglers.  

A militia leader known as Jim Dutton sent us these images taken by his security drones and information about the conflict that happened late last night.  Members of the Hell Knight mercenary company tracked the mysterious agents to this compound several kilometers Southeast of Station 42.  The mercenaries attacked the compound without warning but were defeated by milita members and the team of agents.

 Later that day Dutton gathered his forces and was joined by another militia leader known as Rosie who piloted a Cyclopes class medium mech.  Rosie also brought 20 robotic troopers to aid Dutton and the agents.  When they arrived at the agents landing site the Hell Knights had a force at the location already.  The mercenary force consisted of about a platoon of armored infantry escorted by a light tank and an Incubus class light mech.
 At first it seemed as if the mercenaries were going to make easy work of the Titania forces.  The Hell Knights met the Militia advance destroying several improvised technical vehicles and robotic troopers.

 Rosie and Dutton responded by making a direct attack on the mercenaries stationed around the agent's ship where they killed several Hell Knights and destroyed a light transport.

 As the battle raged around the agent's ship a blue hatch back approached the ship at high speed behind the militia trucks.  The two mechs exchanged heavy fire and were both severely damaged.

 The agents left their vehicle and made a run for their ship but came under fire from a mercenary transport and a lone trooper armed with a grenade launcher.  Several of the agents were wounded in the exchange including Starfire herself who was seen being carried into the ship by the agent.

Rosie's mech was destroyed in the fighting but Dutton reported that she managed to eject and get to safety.  Dutton also managed to escape although most of his militia members were killed or wounded in the fight.  The agent's ship managed to escape and Dutton claims that Starfire was in fact badly wounded but in stable condition.
When asked why Dutton and other militia members risked so much to help Starfire escape Titania he only replied: "She has information that will bust this whole fiasco wide open".

Roberto Vance reporting for the System News Network.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dareing Escape on Titania!

Unknown smuggling ship on Titania.
Just minutes ago a confrontation took place on Titania, a moon of Uranus, between local militia forces and the Hell Knights mercenary company involving this unknown ship.  The ship is believed to belong to a group of smugglers who escaped from the occupied zone near Station 42.
We will have more on this battle as the information comes in.

Roberto Vance reporting for the System News Network.