Sunday, July 27, 2014

Breaking News: Hell Knights attack civilians on Venus!

 July 26th 3033, Venus:  Members of the Hell Knights Mercenary company were seen attacking civilians on Venus just two days ago.  An individual who identified himself only as "Casper" released these images to us showing the mercenaries engaged violent attacks.

 "Casper" informed SNN that the Hell Knights were there attempting to capture the hacker known as Starfire who escaped from Titania last April and was believed to be working on evidence implicating the Smith and Wilson agricultural company and numerous members of the Titania government in a conspiracy to illegally seize properties that led to the conflict in the Station 42 region that has lasted almost three years.

 We have no information as to how the mercenaries managed to land on Venus, one of the most secure planets in the Solar System, at this time.

 The Hell knights were involved in at least two attacks one on a civilian research station several kilometers from any settlements or resorts.

Although several civilians were injured or killed at the research station we were told that Starfire again escaped capture with the assistance of who we believe are the same individuals who helped her escape on Titania.

We will update you when we have more information on this story and on anything that sheds more light on the Titania conflict.

This is Alphonso Marks reporting for SNN.

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