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Emperor Heinrich X Warns Martians....

Emperor Heinrich X Warns Martians in the Jovian Trojans

Emperor Heinrich X
August 5, 3033. Jovian Emperor Heinrich X made a bold announcement today that Martian presence and influence will no longer be tolerated in either the Greek or Trojan camp of the Jovian Trojan asteroids.  

The Greek camp of the Jovian Trojan asteroids have been contested by Mars and the Empire since the formation of the Empire.  Although a Terran Federation blockade has kept large scale military vessels out of the region since the end of the First System War conflict has continued to plague the region.  
Imperial Legionnaires assault MacIntyre Station on 2895 Memnon March 18th, 3033

The Trojan camp has always been considered sovereign Jovian territory but earlier this year Communist insurgents began an open rebellion in several of the larger settlements.  The Emperor ordered members of his own Imperial Legion to put down the rebellion on 2895 Memnon in March.  Several insurgent leaders were killed at MacIntyre Station and since then the rebellion has died down.  Rumors persist that the movement is still alive and gaining traction again. 

Emperor Heinrich X addresses Imperial Legionnaires on Ganymede

Speaking to an assembly of Imperial troops on Ganymede the Emperor said:

“We can no longer allow the Martian threat to continue in our Trojan territories and we can no longer wait for the Imperial parliament to approve measures to combat this threat.  The Greek camp is sovereign Jovian territory and we will not allow the Martians one more ton of resources from them.

 Further, agents of the Martian government have been caught inciting rebellion in the Trojan camp.  Last March I was forced to send troops from my personal Legions to capture the ring leaders of this uprising.  Those leaders confessed to direct support from the Martian government and military.  This is clearly an act of War!"  

So I will tell the Martians this.  Leave our territories immediately.  Withdraw your troops and agents and cease your attacks on honest Jovian citizens or I, as Emperor, will be forced to protect my people.”

Martian government officials have not release an official statement in regards to this threat.  SNN contacted Siegfried Ragnarson the prime minister of the Jovian Empire and he had only this to say.

“The Jovian Empire is not declaring war on the Martian Soviet Socialist Republic at this time.  It is the Emperor’s right to protect Jovian citizens and Jovian territories however the Emperor’s Legion consist of only a token honor guard and he has no power to command actual Jovian forces or declare war.  This power remains in the hand of parliament and I can assure you that we have no intention of exercising it any time soon.”     

When ask why the Emperor would make such threats without the approval of parliament Ragnarson replied that the matter was under discussion and a more official statement would be issued in the coming days.

Roberto Vance reporting for the System News Network.


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